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Office Medical Care

Learn about or office care plan where you have the healthcare come to you in your office. This is a valuable service for managers and executive who dont have time to visit a clinic. 

Long Term Care

Long term care is designed to provide care to the elderly or people with health conditions requiring assistance. Learn more about this service below.

Home Birth & Delivery

The benifits of home deliver along with pre and post natal care are invaluable to protecting the health and wellfare of both mother and child. 

Advanced Care in Your Home

Our advanced care service can deliver a full range of advanced treatments in the comfort of your own home. From mechanical ventilation to renal dialysis. If you need special care, please contact u

Prenatal & Postnatal Homecare

Let us take care of your wife during her pregnancy in the comfort of our own home. We are experts at pre/post natal care. Contact us to find out more about this exciting service.


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Why Home & Not Hospital

The case for care in the home...

The opportunity to be treated in their usual place of residence offers patients and their carers a greater sense of control, comfort and convenience in their care. It demonstrates how care can be designed to fit around individual needs, not organisational boundaries. The evidence below proves that care in the home is associated with better health outcomes for patients. Not only does it reduce inconvenient and often stressful travel, particularly for elderly patients, care in the home has fewer iatrogenic complications and instances of functional decline Emergency hospital admissions or delayed discharge are critical points in the care pathway where patients are at risk of acquiring secondary problems.

A 2009 medical study found that care in hospital at home programmes was associated with a 38 per cent reduction in mortality at six months compared with hospital treatment In addition, one US study found that per patient cost for homecare patients was 19 per cent lower than mean hospital costs for comparison groups. This was predominately derived from shorter length of stay and lower use of clinical testing.

Not only can clinical homecare mitigate clinical and psychological risks, it has also been shown to improve patient experience. 

By eliminating care transition gaps, patients and carers have a more seamless care experience and greater control over treatment. The sense of independence gained from being treated in a home environment is a significant outcome for patients and carers.

“The evidence proves that care in the home is associated with better health outcomes for patients.”

“The evidence proves that care
in the home is associated
with better health outcomes
for patients.”



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